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初一写人英语亚博游戏在线客服带翻译 (3000字)

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  My cousin is a 5 year old girl, she always grinning. She looks very pretty. Face is oval, coupled with a pair of bright eyes, the eyes is arched above, like painted eyebrows. A small, straight nose, a round, like a angry du mouth, little face red, like a red apple. Eyes, like autumn waters, such as heaven, like in the two beads Bai Shuiyin black mercury. My cousin just read kindergarten, like a deep card is like a naughty and clever.

  One day, my cousin just school, straight at our doorstep, like a calf on the rampage. She politely: "aunt, uncle, cousin!" She loudly say hello to us, mom and dad called her straight. Look, she is not at all, she can be proud of her, the first thing to do is turn on the TV to watch her favorite cartoon - "pleasant goat and Wolffy", then, she will open the refrigerator take out. "Hey, really enjoy!" I intentionally say very loudly, his cousin is not stupid, she du mouth: "cousin, the refrigerator and a bottle of drink, I know you didn't drink, deliberately to you."

  "Really?" I with a grain of salt to open the refrigerator. What ah, is obviously I drank half of the last night. Look, she said much more pleasant.

  Cousin will not only speak, can be flexible. Once I've just returned home, his cousin will sneak in my room to do what. I stood in the doorway, I stared at her, she realized that I'm back. Immediately stand at attention, laugh laugh like a duck. Her eyes as if will talk, simply replace the mouth. When she do wrong, with his eyes, "I'm sorry". I said sternly: "what do you take?"

  "No... no," she nervous, "really... it's nothing." "Oh, really nothing?" I long sound. "Cousin, I was wrong, I shouldn't have to steal to eat your candy." She cried out with watery eyes I, I'm afraid only kneel for mercy to the poor. "Well, look at your honest mistake, forgive you!" I relent, rao "criminals". Cousin suddenly said: "that is to say, I can continue to eat your candy." "Ah..." Now I know, my cousin in the trap.

  Every time I think about my cousin that sweet smiling face, I deeply feel sweet








  My teacher is a beautiful and generous person. She has a pair of bright big eyes and a high become warped nose, and a mouth will smile, will be angry.

  Her kindness. Big recess, she will jump rope, together with our next class still talking and laughing with your classmates, are our friends, we like her care saplings.

  On one occasion, the school fire drill, as long as the alarm bell rang, the students have to be in the shortest possible time and orderly collection ran to the playground. In the second quarter on the language class, the alarm bell rang, the students can handle a quickly "in" the pen at the sky, waiting in line to gather on the playground. In the playground, we are waiting for the teacher in charge formation test, the teacher in charge beside xiao-wen ma stopped. The teacher frowned xiao-wen ma asked: "why did you not wear a coat?" Xiao-wen ma replied: "I forgot, I'm sorry, teacher." After listening to the teacher quickly took off his set in the body of the coat, set on the xiao-wen ma.

  In this way, after listening to the teachers "wooshing" speech, the students are back to the class. We have a few good female classmate against the cold wind went into the building and turned and saw the teacher in charge in the boundless huge crowd a great figure, is so sweet!

  This is my teacher in charge, we walk through together for five years, she just send small bud, we developed a vibrant young trees. The teacher, try to dead silk, ended.candles burn. You are like a candle, burn yourself, illuminates us, do you use chalk depicting the great story of a root. Teacher, you will always be our heart the most special gardener!







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